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Speed is our strength
Convert your documents in just a few seconds with our converter! No need to download any software, you can convert your document here!
Your files are important
Our converter makes it possible to compress the files whilst maintaining outstanding quality
Your security is our priority
We have developed conversion technology which encrypts your documents and allows them to be converted anonymously and securely!
Unlimited access for $29.90 per month

The Advantages of our Converter

A Simple Tool to Use

Simply drop your document in the right location or find it directly in your file explorer to convert it.

Your Files are Safe with us!

One of our top concerns is maintaining the anonymity of our clients' operations. Our services keep your files for a short time to do this.

All Computers are Compatible

No matter what operating system you use (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) you will be able to utilize our converting service without any trouble.

Conversion of Superior Quality

It's not always simple to convert a PDF file to a different format. We've used a unique conversion method to ensure you get the greatest conversion quality possible.

Your conversion in 1 second !

Your document will be converted in a few seconds on average, and you will benefit from a rapid and effective conversion tool in addition to ease of use!

Now is the time to get it

As soon as the conversion is finished, you'll be able to access your document right away! You can also have it delivered to your inbox by email.

document converter online

PDF-LIVE we have developed a PDF document converter accessible via our platform! No need to download software or install a program, everything happens directly online!

You can convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and JPG documents to PDF. You can, of course, convert all of your PDFs to these formats. Your papers will be converted in a matter of seconds, and you will be able to download your converted document right away!

We give you the opportunity to try our services for $0.50 for 48 hours. After that, this offer will be converted into a membership without obligation for an indefinite amount of time at the price of $29.90 per month without any cancellation on your side within those 48 hours.

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